I knew his brother Nick for about 2 years before I really knew him , we all played (still play) World of Warcraft together.  One night about a year and a half ago we started talking and we never stopped - At the end of 2008 he moved from California to Kansas to live with me and within a month we were already talking marriage.  We both believe very strongly in the idea of family and it was important to us to create our own family through marriage - so here we are!!!

Not-so-interesting facts about the Ms.

-Plays way too much World of Warcraft - has three max level characters and two other characters almost there

-Has a severe hatred for cold standing water, people who don't realize that "a lot" is two words, and anyone on the Fox News Channel

-Still remembers how to play her high school fight song on her clarinet - but can't remember where the damn clarinet is

-Horribly organized in her disorganization

-Thinks that banana flavored foods are the most amazing foods in the world

-Knows within the first 10seconds of a Law & Order episode whether or not she has seen it

-Has a severe obsession with the following things: Anything related to Joss Whedon, Twilight, Harry Potter and many other things that make tween girls scream - possibly a 13 year old girl deep inside

-Discovered a severe love of San Jose Sharks Hockey after Mr. took her to a game

Not-so-interesting facts about the Mr.

- Has too many World of Warcraft characters only because he creates one every time the Ms. does

- His driving has been known to cause grown men to curl into the fetal position and pray/weep

- Can sleep through an alarm clock going off for 10mins straight

- Until living with the Ms. was a super picky eater who had never eaten tacos, spaghetti, or Lasagna (to name a few)

-Has seen every star trek episode (including original, TNG, Voyager, DS9 and Enterprise)

-Has a severe love of country music despite growing up in the Valley.

- Refuses to call tech support (until 5 hrs later and only after the Ms. has gone insane)

- Future In-Laws pet Chihuahua is in love with him.  Ms. agrees that evil taco dog has good taste

-Sweetest guy in the world - hands down :D