Wedding Dress

The mistake dress

I am a two dress bride - my original dress to the left I purchased from David's Bridal a few months after we got engaged.  I never felt that "OMFG THATS THE DRESS" type of feeling when I put it on and I was never completely satisfied with it, finally discussed it with FI and he said I should just get another one if I wasn't happy - so I did, I took two of my best friends and my mom and off to the dress shop we went to get the dress that actually gave me that "OMFG THATS THE DRESS" moment, or well at least as close to that moment as I get.

The NOT mistake dress!

Here is the dress I love - I will be getting a brown sash though to coordinate with my wedding colors more :D - and forgive the horrible picture, my friend Crystal kept taking pics from the worst angle ever >.<

Rehearsal Dinner Accessories

Wearing these to the rehearsal dinner. I Love these earrings - I got them at for 32 dollars. I was also able to find a coupon online that saved me $13 total off the earrings and bracelet

Wearing these to the rehearsal dinner along with the earrings above. Bracelet from, it was 35 dollars.  I'm very happy with it.

Wedding Accessories

In place of a veil I'm wearing this in my hair

I ordered this from etsy seller house of telsa - it turned out beautiful and is exactly what I wanted for my hair!

Wedding Jewelry

I found these items at, I think they are BEAUTIFUL.  I haven't received them yet and will update regarding their quality once I do!


Rehearsal Dinner Shoes

Found at for $28 - I ordered them in a clover.  They weren't as vibrant as a green as I was wanting but they will work.

Wedding Shoes

Found these at Davids Bridal for $49.00 and fell in love with them!

Rehearsal Dinner Dress

My best bargain find so far!!!  I found this dress at dillards marked 70% off - I ended up getting it for $14.99. Not only was it uber cheap it was also 2sizes smaller than what I normally wear and still somehow managed to fit like a dream.  I LOVE this dress. This picture does it no justice and it looks really cute on (and usually I HATE how dresses look on me) - now I just need to find some shoes!

The Menfolk

Originally we were doing black tuxes because FI thought he wouldn't like brown - well we went to the local Mens Wearhouse and FI discovered that he really liked the brown tux, they had it on display with a chocolate vest and tie as well, and he really liked it all together so he just went with that.  I think it will be very flattering on him and his brothers :D

We are opting for a brown vest with the brown suit.

The Womenfolk

Bridesmaids Dresses! The original ones we ordered turned out purple for some random reason, so we opted to exchange them for new ones.  The one on the left is what my 13yr old niece will be wearing, the one on the left my friend Bethany will wear.

Hair & Makeup Trial