List of DIY Projects!

Stamped Napkins (done!)
Guest Book (done!)
Card Holder
Program Basket (done!)
Bar Menu
Guestbook Sign (Done!)
Napkin Rings
more to come!!! I will be posting pictures and general information on each project as it gets checked off the list


Not a complete DIY project - but I did scan pictures and lay them out.  We ordered it from Picaboo and are pretty happy with it.  We got a few different pens for people to sign with.  You can view the actual book here


Super excited about this DIY! I really wanted menus just because I love the way they look, even though we are doing a "somewhat" casual buffett, I liked the idea of them sitting at place settings. 

I went to hobby lobby picked up some gorgeous ecru/eggshell cardstock  in 12x12 sheets and some 12x12 sheets of a patterned scrapbook paper (also bought the same paper for our DIY napkin rings we will be making).  I then purchased Ad-tech Permanent Bond Glue Runner (which I highly recommend) and a corner cutter. 

I cut the 12x12 sheets of cardstock into four pieces of 5" x 6", and cut the scrapbook paper into numerous strips of 1"x6".  I designed the menu layout in Word using the fonts Chopin Script, Damask Dingbats and Goodfish.  I printed them out on my home HP printer (which has soooo payed for itself - it is wonderful!) and then applied the glue to the back of the scrapbook strips, lined it up and pressed it down.  After letting it set I took the corner punch to all the corners - and voila menus that I love and that cost approximately $0.32 to make per piece!

Guest Book Sign

Bought the frame 1/2 off at Hobby Lobby so it ended up being $8.00 - we got two of them and will use the other one for the bar menu. I love these frames and will use them in our house after the wedding for some of our wedding pictures - so I felt it was a good deal!  I used the same cardstock I used for the menus (only in the 8.5x11 version - $0.15 at Hobby Lobby due to being 1/2 off on sale).  I then designed it in Word using the fonts Deco Caps & Goodfish.  I think it turned out really well!


These are our DIY napkins - I really liked this project simply because it was sooo easy and turned out quite cute.  I basically bought a few packages of plain Pink napkins at Party America, then I purchased a stamp that I liked at Hobby Lobby and some Staz-on Ink (I used my 40% coupons) for both items.  Then popped in a movie and stamped away.  I did use the clear stamp block with the sticky stamps.  I found them incredibly easy to use and it was nice being able to see exactly where the design was going!

Program Basket

Small birdcage from Sav-On Crafts (I will be using the larger one for my card basket) - printed out the sign, and tied it on with ribbon.

Signs to go on the back of our chairs

Bought on clearance at Michaels for $2.00 - printed on our home computer using Chopin Script font & Damask Dingbats


I bought this DIY program kit at Michaels with (you guessed it) a coupon - so I ended up getting 40 programs for $16.00.  I haven't tried to put them together yet because we are still finalizing some stuff with our ceremony.  Once I do I will update with how they worked.

Card Basket

Our card birdcage - it's a larger version of our program basket.  We bought them at sav-on crafts - it was $20.00 for both cages!