Bridal Bouquet

My bouquet will be somewhat a mixture of these below.  I'm opting for green hydrangeas, soft pink roses, and pink carnations - I'm not having any real leafy greenery in my bouquet so I'm possibly debating either adding green berries or feathers. Either way it will all be wrapped together with a pretty brown ribbon.

Bridesmaids Bouquet


Grooms Boutonniere


Groomsmen Boutonnieres

I LOVE this bouquet of carnations.  I like the depth that the different shades of pink have.  I gave this photo to our florist and I'm hoping he is able to do something similar.  I debating possibly having some green in the bridesmaids bouquets but I'm not sure - or I may choose to have it wrapped with a green ribbon

I found this boutonniere on and I fell in love with it.  Our florist is going to recreate it minus the bow - Mr. definitely nixed the bow.

Nothing quite screams manly like having a fluffy pink flower pinned to your chest.  Oh well, they will live.  This picture is the closest I could find to what I want, which is basically a single pink carnation wrapped in brown ribbon.  We debated roses, but since the bridesmaids have carnations we thought it best for the groomsmen to as well.