Grade A   - ** I really don't have any complaints about our invitations, I thought they were a good price and the product turned out nice.  We did have to order them twice but that was entirely our fault.  They got us our proofs fast and even made some suggestions that made them turn out much better.  I would definitely recommend this company.  However, if I had it to do over again I would have just bought the DIY kits at Michaels.

Guest Book

Grade B+ we ordered our guest book through  the software was incredibly easy to use and they have some links on their website for very nice backgrounds to use.  My only complaint about the software was I wish it had more choices in regards to fonts and placements of certain items.  However, I'm sure if someone created their own pages in Photoshop or whatever then that would be no problem.  We were able to find a coupon code online for 50% off our book making it total about $20.00 (we ended up having some extra pages or else it would have been cheaper).  The book turned out very nice and they shipped it quickly.

Wedding Dress/Bridesmaids Dresses

Grade C(Pending) - David's Bridal.  I knew when I needed to get a dress that I probably wasn't going to have a lot of choices due to the fact that I am a plus size bride.  I was aware that DB had a wide range of plus size dresses and figured that would be the best place to try to find a dress.  The first time I went dress shopping it was just my mother and me, we had made an appointment but when we arrived there they acted like they had no idea what we were doing there, and our "attendent" would disappear until my mother would have to wonder off to find her.  I tried on a few dresses and finally settled on one - because they didn't have the proper size in the store for me to try on I asked the salesladies what size they thought I should get (I made them aware of what size I normally wear) they told me I should order a 26 - I took their word for it.  I learned my lesson from that, when the dress actually arrived in it didn't fit - granted even if it would have it might not have mattered - I was never really that in love with that first dress.  We ended up going back and got a much better saleslady the second time around (who actually said I should order a 28).  Currently we are waiting for my second dress to come in so that is why the grade is still pending.

Other Reviews in the works!!!