Our Very Sexy Cake (on which our wedding was based)


Cake Topper


Food Stuffs



I found this cake on theknot.com and did a lil' happy dance.  I then did a leap of joy combined with a happy dance when I found out that the designer/baker of said cake was in our area.  We contacted her before we contacted any other vendor, luckily for us her cakes taste as insanely delicious as they look. Originally our wedding colors were green & brown, however since they changed to brown/pink/ivory - our cake lady is going to put the flowers in the pink color.   One slight modification we are making to the cake is to simply remove the bottom layer as our excepted attendence is only around 80 people.

We opted to do the following flavors -

Bottom layer - Vanilla Cake w/ Raspberry filling
Middle layer - Red Velvet w/ Cream Cheese filling
Top layer - Coconut Cake w/ Chocolate Ganache filling

And no, we aren't saving the top layer for our anniversary - I didn't see the point - I'd rather enjoy the cake now, not after it's been sitting in our freezer for a year.

I found this adorable cake topper online - we originally weren't going to do one, but this matched some other stuff we were doing.  Undetermined yet if this will actually go on top of the cake or just set beside it

Mr. really wanted BBQ for the reception - since I have pretty much picked the colors, the cake, the place and what he will wear - I will let the poor man pick the freakin food.  Our caterer has been awesome so far (he even brought food to our house so we could try it).  We are opting for the following to be served Buffet Style -

Smoked & Sliced Beef Roast
Smoked Ham
Smoked Chicken

Au Gratin Potatoes
Baked Beans
Mixed Fruit w/ Cream Cheese Dip

We opted for an open bar - then we remembered how much drunk uncle so in so loves his scotch and how his love for scotch usually leads to someone crying - we then got rid of the full open bar.  Instead we are doing an open bar with beer and wine only. We are also possibly doing a signature drink - however that is to be determined at this time. 

We will also be offering lemonade, tea and water for those too young to drink wine/beer or for the designated drivers.